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An Azerbaijani author who is best known for his language learning method “Any Language in 20 Days”. He is a polyglot speaking over 25 languages. Besides his language books, he also writes novels and till now he has written over 30 novels. According to his words his favorite work is a fiction called “The Next Human”. As for his language learning books, he has published the book “English in 20 Days”. This book is published in Azerbaijani, Turkish and Russian. This series of books is planned to cover many languages. The idea to learn many languages came with his passion for sophisticated culture of the various nations of the world. From other side he has a great passion for art.  Emin is a musician. He is a singer (tenor) and a song-writer. In addition he is a filmmaker and an artist. He says whatever he loves to do is not a hobby but the different sides of his intellectual capacity and he approaches to each of them with the same care. For that very matter he wrote his book “The faceless Idol”. His main idea is to find the centerpiece of his multiple visions in each of the works. It is proven in his multifunctional books like “Polyglot’s Handbook” and “The world is my home”. The book “Polyglot’s Handbook” about the evolution of linguistic theory and teaches 25 languages based on author’s Practical Universal Grammar. The book “The world is my home” speaks about a man who seeks the end of the world to find his home and along the way he comes across all the nations of the world where he speaks to them in their own language and learning their culture and trying to  find the  link  between  them coming down  from  thousands of years.
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Any language in 20 days
Emin Gulu, the linguist who speaks 25 languages developed his own method of learning languages based on the alternative grammar he called “Practical Universal Grammar”. He shared his method in his book series called “Any language in 20 days” (“English in 20 days”, “Russian in 20 days”, “Italian in 20 days”, “Spanish in 20 days”, “French in 20 days” and so on). The method mainly works with the cognitive ability of human. The algorithm of properly lined features of language makes the method unique. The workflow involves compliance between method and the practice. The main goal of the method is to establish a fast track between the thinking and the language. According to the author every language has its own core words forming its body, and the learner is taught to think about the learning proses in that direction. The book consists of introduction, vocabulary, grammar and the bonus parts. The introduction part is the explanation of all the parts in the book and gives general knowledge of the linguistic issues and author’s own ideas about the language learning. The vocabulary and grammar is given in the part divided in 20 days. And the last part is bonus part which teaches the additional features of the languages. The method’s purpose is to help the learner to train the sentence structure and grow automatized ability of making sentences.  Besides all these nuances the book also has one more method of the author which is called “One language in one text”. This method is new and it is given in the book as a pilot version of it.
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20 Days

The purpose of the book is to teach language in 20 days in an intermediate level. This is a psycho-linguistic method. It creates “one full map of the language in the mind”, that means the general scheme of the language. The book provides a practical way to automate the sentence construction process, as well as detailed information for everyday conversation topics. This book contains 2,400 words on topics that we often encounter in our daily and professional lives. Thanks to the given methods of vocabulary growing you can learn these words quickly. All the grammar rules, vocabulary and the additional topics of the book are professionally narrated in the CD which is given in the book. The audio explanation of the content allows you to learn the language with ease.

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